Monday, March 16, 2009


earlier today i asked a dear friend if she'd like to come over for dinner. she said she would, but she couldn't be over until close to 8:30. i told her this was fine with me (i had leftover pot roast for lunch and am just now starting to feel slightly hungered).

i am happy that she had the time. we've not connected in a while. it will be lovely to sit, listen to music, perhaps knit (if she brings it).

i will make chicken burritos, a staple in our house so we always have the ingredients. she's going to text me when she's heading this way so i can start cooking. nothing like having a home cooked meal waiting for you on your arrival.

i love impromptu evenings.

the best thing? i'm off work tomorrow and she's got a light load tomorrow.


mishiesmom said...

How was your evening?

shannon said...

another lovely evening with a lovely friend...

got a few rounds done on the dress i'm knitting while chatting about things going on in our lives. perfection.