Wednesday, March 18, 2009


this morning i happened to look down at my phone just as it rang. it is a good thing, too, since i'd still had it turned to silent. one of the women at work was not feeling well and was calling off work. i told her to rest and recuperate. i hope she does, because she's got friends coming in this weekend...

so i am at one of our stores. it's been a fast day here at work. and honestly, i don't mind having to cover floor shifts. the other manager came over and got the store opened so i could finish the things that are on my desk from my boss so that was helpful.

and now i've got just about half my day left.

kev's off today. had to head downtown for jury duty. said a group was called up earlier, then a group was called up and told to go to lunch, when they'd all left the room the woman told everyone else to go home and enjoy the day. i think it was kind of her to wait until everyone who had to stay was out of ear shot.

kev was giddy when he called to tell me. i'm hoping he's going to get the diggity dog out today. either that or get some weeds picked in the backyard. perhaps both? yeah, i think that would be pushing it, too.

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