Tuesday, March 31, 2009

i got home!

i got home last night and fed the trio. they were happy to see me, well happy that a human with thumbs and the ability to hold the measuring cup was home to put food into their bowls.

i made myself keep my jacket and shoes on and took josie for a half hour walk when she was done. two poops later and we were home, snuggled up and feeling grand. i must do that more often when it's lovely out.

today is starting off a grey day. who knows if the sun will burn through. right now, it looks doubtful.

i am not feeling inspired, or inspirational, today. i blame it on the grey.


Jack K. said...

that too shall pass.

enjoy the grand funk while you can. it will make the upside even more fun.

Becky said...

I'm in that gray moment myself -- I'm really hopeful that Ted and I can sneak away to somewhere sunny between gettinga a job offer and actually having to start work.