Friday, July 31, 2009

the heat has left the building

this past week i am sure most of you have noticed we got really hot up here in the pac nw. not just hot, but f*cking hot (sorry 'rents). it was all we could do not to melt each and every time we would step outside.

i got home one night and the thermostat in the house read 98F. 98! what is that?!? this morning, i awoke and was slightly chilled by the air coming in through the bedroom window. it was a feeling i'd not felt in a while. it felt amazing!

the clouds are still hanging in the sky (i am sure most of us here would love it if they stayed all day). the garden is looking a little droopy, but we've watered and we are starting to see some tomatoes ripen. i'd have thought with the crazy heat and sun that all of them would have ripened in a second. thankfully, they seem to be ripening at different intervals.

on a side note, have to say i'm a bit disappointed with our oregon spring tomatoes. they didn't ripen as early as last year, and they are getting weird and mis-shapen now. they almost look like the brandywine we grew last year. kev's suggesting there was a mix up last year and the weird oddly shaped ones were probably really the oregon spring. i disagree with him. i think we had a cool spring and our summer finally hit this week. i think the weather played a huge part in why they grew but didn't ripen yet. i am just ready for a ton to do so so i can make salsa. our jalapenos are growing by the bushel full!!

i need to make sure to take a sweater to work today, the mall store gets really cold (why i did not mind working there all week while one of the women who works there is on her honey moon).

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Jack K. said...

Glad to know that there is finally a break in your heat wave.

Rest easy. We understand the need/use of "technical" terms that aid in the description of certain situations.

Enjoy your garden. It needed the heat to help in the growth.