Tuesday, July 28, 2009

lest i forget

i could easily complain about the heat here (it's broken 100 two days in a row and we're going for a trifecta tomorrow) but i won't. 

i'd forgotten that i am slightly allergic to the bean plants. any skin that touches the vines gets itchy. really itchy. it goes away rather quickly, but i'd totally forgotten about the fact it even happens. 

i am sitting at jill and mark's house. in the "cool" seat. the one that's right next to an air vent. man, i'm glad for good friends. i sent jill a text asking her what time i should be over tonight...we'd not spoken of getting together prior to the text. she sent one back a while later asking if i needed air conditioning. 

i brought one zucchini and some greenie beanies. they've got tomatoes already (color me green). so who knows what we will do for dinner tonight. she should be arriving anytime now. 

work is going well. i'm on the floor this entire week at the mall location. the only thing i don't mind about that is the fact that the a/c is rockin! and i have to take a sweater. so that makes up for how slow it is out there. at least the next three days i will be training someone so i will have company.

well, going to get myself a large glass of water and knit some in this cool, cool air. 


mishiesmom said...

Wish we had air conditioning at work. :P We'll get through it.

Jack K. said...

We wondered how you were doing with all of the heat.

Your mother checks the weather in the morning paper. Your temps are about the same as those in El Paso. Except you have much more humidity.

Stay cool.

Love ya,