Saturday, July 25, 2009

a single moment

i have this one tiny moment where there is nothing to do. there isn't enough time to start a project because at about 2:30 i will being the process of getting ready for a friends intimate wedding. there are forty guests. i feel lucky to be invited to share this special day.

the dress has turned out perfectly. i couldn't have asked for any better. i couldn't have shopped for anything better. i do not have pictures of it yet, other than shots i took with my phone's camera when it wasn't finished.

i bought more of the same yarn, different color, to make the top of it (which was sizzle from wendy bernard). my friends are asking me to write up the skirt pattern. i will, i promise! and i'll share. it really turned out special.

last night i roped jill into going to nordy's with me (really, all i had to do was ask her to go with me and help shop for something to wear under the dress). what i got ain't sexy, but it sure helps the dress look hotsie totsie!

1 comment:

Jack K. said...

Hotsie, totsie?

Well, I never. Snerx.

Sorry we didn't have much time to talk yesterday. There was much to do on both ends of the phone call.

Our day was absolutely wonderful. Glad yours was too.

Look forward to photos of the dress.

Love ya,