Thursday, July 02, 2009


kev and i decided to go look at cars last night. we were only going to actually buy something if it was THE car we wanted. no settling!

trust me, i didn't settle!

meet Pearl...

she's a little shy. i'll have to try to get some more shots when she's not looking.


Jack K. said...

I can see that Pearl is languishing in your driveway. I didn't realize you could be this "cruel". You tell us that Thursday is the day you will go look at cars. You had to do it last night, didn't you. lol

We know that you were considering a Honda Fit. Could Pearl be a Crystal Black Pearl Fit? I think so. After all, I have gone to the Honda web site and taken a look at the Fit. And it seems as though Pearl has the configurations shown on the site.

Good going. We do look forward to future photos.

mishiesmom said...