Wednesday, July 29, 2009

done and done

i didn't get that many photos of me in the dress at both weddings this past weekend, but this is the one that i did get.

it was so much fun to wear! the next night i paired it with a burnt orange necklace (think lots of rocks) and a camel colored pair of sandals. i got many compliments on it, which kind of made me blush.

hit a yarn sale at one of my favorite stores on saturday and bought enough yarn to make just the top of it. my neighbor told me that i had to start making all my own sweaters because this dress fit me so well. i will make another dress, that is certain.

i can't believe that i knit a dress!!!


Jack K. said...

I can believe it. I've watched you knit.

It is beautiful. Almost as beautiful as you.

Love ya,


mishiesmom said...


k said...

Gorgeous! And the dress is really cute too. I envy your gift :)

shannon said...

thanks you three. i absolutely love it. it is going to be perfect in weather that's not 100F.

my words still are...

i knit a dress?!?!

Monika said...

Wow- that's incredible! I think it's NOT easy to knit a dress that fits so well. I like your tattoos too! :o)

StarSpry said...

You did such a great job! The dress looks beautiful :)

bronxbt said...


i got one or two of you in yer spiffy outfit! i'll be sure to pass 'em along as soon as i work through the 1200+ pics from the wedding that we've been swamped with!

sooo nice to finally connect with you face to face! thanks sooo much for being there on Lisa and my special day!


WandaWoman said...

Very nicely done! The dress looks wonderful on you!

Becky said...

Sorry it's been so long since I've come around -- but that dress looks great on you. I love the wide belt with it.