Sunday, February 15, 2009

thanks babies

I am a lucky woman. Not only did I meet and marry someone who I truly love with everything I have, but together we get to share our home and lives with three of the most special animals.

Take this very instant. I am sitting in my beautiful kitchen, listening to Coldplay, with Simon on my lap as we wait for Kevin to come home with dinner. He just pressed his head up into my face, getting a squished kiss from me, holding his it there for quite a bit of time before laying down with his front paws just barely on the edge of the table.

Josie was standing at alert, knowing that soon she'll hear the sound of the car pulling into the drive. Now she's lowered her head and just keeping us company.

Chloe had been up here with us too, but is now off on some adventure.

All three give me something uniquely their own, and even though I can't put what that something is in words, but I feel it. I know that most of the eyes around here know exactly what that feeling is.

I know I am lucky and say thanks babies. I love all of you!!


Jack K. said...

You are a truly blessed person. Your outlook on life is wonderful.

Love ya,


mishiesmom said...

They really are part of our families. I think we are the lucky ones when they live with us.