Tuesday, February 24, 2009


i am finished with the scarf for my friend, chaz. her birthday was a little bit ago and jill and i went in on the yarn for me to knit her a fabulous scarf. i think i did just that, if i do say so myself.

the pattern was free and man oh man was it fun! i think pairing it with the malabrigo chunky was perfect. it's sturdy enough a yarn to keep shape, but soft enough to want to wear constantly. i will probably wear it once tonight to give it some of my energy before gifting it to chaz.

i'll be finishing jill's shrug next. it is thin yarn (fingering weight), like the blanket, being knit on tiny needles (us 1's) and i needed a quick break from tiny yarn and toothpick needles. after the shrug i would love to crank out another scarf as well as this hat for jill's sister, darcy. i think she'll like both.

both yarns for the scarf and hat are chunky so they should go quickly. because after that, i MUST get working on the dress i'm knitting to wear to friends weddings this summer!!


mishiesmom said...

You must be doing all this knitting when I am napping. :P
The scarf did turn out lovely.

Jack K. said...

Beautiful scarf.

Beautiful model.

Get to the dress next. Summer will be here before you know it. Will you need toothpick needles for the dress? If so, get to the dress last month. lol

Love ya,


Monika said...

Love the scarf. How long did you make it, to be able to wind it as you did in the picture? I like the Robin's Egg Blue Hat, and want to make it for Hannah some day. :o)

k said...

You are so stinkin adorable.

Anonymous said...

i love the scarf and i love your hair. would you mind taking some pics of your hair???? i am sooooo tired of my above the shoulder bob and i am wanting to do something new and your hair style is the first that i've seen that i like (well love). thanks!

Skyline & Sunshine said...

i can also add that in person that scarf is even more awesome-er!

StarSpry said...

The scarf looks great! I want to make that hat, too :)

Becky said...

Nice scarf -- I love the color. You remind me of Daryl Hannah in that picture!

shannon said...

mishiesmom- thanks. it's cold, hence i knit.

dad- you are my biggest inspiration. and no, the needles needed for the dress are not as tiny (thankfully)

monika- i made it 69" and felt that was the perfect length if she wanted to wrap it once around her neck, or just drape it behind.

k- you are too!

mary- thanks. i have great hair days and not such great hair days. i only take photos on the great days. :) so sadly, don't have too many photos...

skyline- you are a doll and i'm glad we are friends!

starspry- if i get my knit on tonight, the hat will be started tomorrow. we'll just have to see how far i get with the second of those scarves (purple ggh chunky on needles now).