Wednesday, February 18, 2009

different shades of clean

we're having a friend over for dinner tonight. black bean chili (mom, dad it's in the slow cooker book you got us two years ago, page 110). last night i said to kevin as we were hanging out that we could clean in the morning. his response, "well, it shouldn't be too bad, i did it on saturday." i know he vacuumed on saturday, but other than that...

there is clutter (i swear we both are culprits, but i'm also pretty sure the clutter starts reproducing when we aren't looking). there is dust. there is fur.

i am up and have started the procedures. dust cloth in hand, i've whisked through the house, touching every surface to releave it from the dust that had accummulated. sadly, this brought on a runny nose (darn those allergies). i currently have one 'helper' with me in the form of chloe. she flits from room to room with me, chirping the whole time.

i have just over an hour before i have to start constructing the chili. enough time to clean both bathrooms really well. joy...

i think i'll leave vacuuming for kev.

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Becky said...

Ted and I are pretty good about not letting the clutter get too out of hand, but we definitely lose sight of how much dust and dog furballs collect (esp. with wood floors).