Monday, February 23, 2009

a friend asked

i hadn't realized i never shared the beautiful kitchen table with you all until monika asked to see it fully. oops!

so, here we go...

the table with the flying piggie chandelier. i am so in love with our table it is not even funny.

we've had several dinners with friends around it. played mahjong with the neighbor who made it and his partner. sat and played on the just is a joy to get to see every single day!

as for the piggies, i was searching online for a silly chandelier for our hall when i found them. i knew they were far too big for hall, but we were in need for a new light fixture for over the table and it just seemed like the no brainer. i love the piggies! the light they emit is just a warm glow and their whimsy is the perfect way to keep the kitchen lively and fun.

the downstairs bathroom is the next major reno i have in mind, but that won't be for a little while. until then i'm searching for deals on tile, vessel sinks, old tables/dressers...

so there you go, monika, our kitchen table in all its glory!!


Jack K. said...

Loved the table when we saw it. The piggies are marvelous, too.

Have a great time with the bath reno. Hope you can find another solution for the cat pan. (Your mom's idea. giggle)

Love ya,


Monika said...

I was disconnected from the internet yesterday, boy am I addicted to be able to go anywhere in the world via computer!
I love your sitting area, the table looks great! And the flying piggies are fun. :o)