Wednesday, January 07, 2009

a girl could get used to it

I called to check in with Kev today and he said he was going to look in our favorite cookbook and go to the store for dinner. Did I have any particular cravings? All I craved was something that would be good leftovers. I came home to him making baked ziti with shrimp and scallops. Oh Em Gee! So good.

Last night I had dinner with my yoga teacher (and dear friend) whose boyfriend made us dinner. Enchiladas Lawrence. They had quinoa with toasted pecans and other amazing ingredients.

The night before? Kev made stew for us and our neighbor Ian. He made my mom's beef stew recipe, the one from growing up, but added a splash of balsamic vinegar.

I could totally get used to having dinner made for me. Wonder what is on the menu tomorrow night.


Jack K. said...

I don't think that is too much to expect. chuckle.

mishiesmom said...

So what was for dinner tonight?