Sunday, January 11, 2009

my henry

When we first moved to Portland we knew a couple of people already (well, the girls were "my" friends so I knew people) but Kev missed his buddies. It was shortly after he started at the soul sucking job (ssj) that he met Bran. The four of us, including his wife Jess, finally hung out and an instant friendship was born. Two years ago Henry was born. He is a joy. He is fun. He is love. He get the picture.

I guess since their last visit he's been talking about Simon, Josie and Chloe. We couldn't make it to his birthday party yesterday so they all came over this morning for brunch. Chloe and Henry played Hide and Seek. Chloe is the most excellent hider. Simon just hung on the couch and Henry would sit for a bit with him, giving him pat pats (pics once okayed with Jess). Josie hung around a bit more this time, too.

While he did energize me and I was not tired at all while he was here, I'm going to take a nap. Late night last night and tonight we go meet a puppy...


mishiesmom said...

You aren't smitten at all with Henry. :P

shannon said...

cat's out of the bag. :) i am 100% smitten with henry!!!

Jack K. said...

You are both lucky to be in each other's life.

Love ya,