Thursday, January 22, 2009

in which i am quiet

Those of you who know me, know I'm a *talker. Always have been, probably always will be. There are times that I get quiet and introspective. I think about the life I get to lead and say thanks.

I'm facing one of those times. One where writing here seems to take a bit of a back burner to simply living my life. I suppose I'm saying I going to take a break? But then who knows, perhaps next week I'll be inspired and ready to write more?

Things at Chez Clock are hopefully going to be changing soon. Things I've not really shared here. Face it, I've not shared a lot lately...When the time is right, I might just.

Meanwhile, I am going to be knitting like the wind on that blankie for Bocephus. I am going to have it done long before I need to ship it off so I have time to wash, block, and wrap it nicely.

*Oh and as a talker, trust me when I say, we don't need people to say such things as "wow, you really talk a lot!" cuz we know that already. Sometimes we have a hard time turning it off.


Becky said...

I hope things are okay for you. If you want to chat during the day, please do so!

Jack K. said...

OK, I know what it is like to come to a dry spell about what to write.

However, the dad in me had the ears perk up about the comment that things are changing. I know you will keep us informed when the time is right. It trust your judgment.

Love ya,


Marsh Mayhem said...

Shan -- I can't help but peek in here once in a while (if you weren't so much fun to read ...) I hope that the changing things are wonderful and bring you joy. Here's to hearing from you soon!

Monika said...

I'll be waiting and ready for more talk! :o) Since I don't talk much, I need people like you around.

mishiesmom said...

I would never tell you you talk too much. Who determines what is too much anyway? Hope all is well.

k said...

ooh a mystery! you're such a tease :)

And as a fellow talker, I say Talk On, my friend, Talk On! We have stories to tell and wisdom to share--the world's ears are fortunate that we are not shy!


bronxbt said...

isn't it almost funneh how it's almost a guilty feeling to not write and blog after doing so for so long?

people are smart, thankfully tho... and understand when we bloggervill'ans needa break. i did, i have, i likely will again, ya know?

funneh tho, even more.. i'll miss you, tho i've never even laid eyes on you or yer hubby for realz, eh?

come visit us tho, if yer so inclined online.. and we'll be 'round when you get back!