Friday, January 02, 2009

just when we thought it was over

Snow. Not as much as days past and it seems as though it's already begun to melt, but overnight we got a dumping of snow. I am pretty sure there is a direct correlation to it and the puddle on our basement floor. But not in the area one might think (around windows, walls). Smack dab in the middle, under the pipes leading from the tub above. I'm thinking that there might be some kind of cover for the overflow pipe that has been knocked loose on the roof.

We will investigate.

The interviews begin for the part time position for which we are hiring. Not really looking forward to doing them, but we need someone sooner than later. So today and tomorrow, I interview. Only one today so that's not too bad. It's tomorrow that I am not really looking forward to, because I think there are something like eight lined up.

So you may be wondering what we did NYE08/09...not much. Nobody came over, we went nowhere, we didn't even really drink. We sat, watched tv, hung out. We had friends over yesterday for chili (turned out really good, although for a slow cooker recipe, there was an hour of prep). We also taught them how to play Mahjong (well, one version of the game). We played five rounds I think. Each one of us one one and there was a draw...but wait, I won two! So six rounds were played. I knew they'd like it. It's a thinking game. Requires much thought and planning.

Speaking of thought and planning, I should go and figure out the game plan for my day. And maybe go over Kev's plan for this day, since he just got up?!?

Happy 2009 kidlettes! May it be a good one!


Jack K. said...

I was watching the news and so the report of the rain, flooding and snow. My goodness, but it does come down. I hope you are OK.

Stay dry.

Love ya,


Becky said...

Bummer that you guys are continuing to get new snow -- fortunately ours seems to have passed (for now).

I have to admit that receiving 44 resumes for a part-time clerk position in 24 hours makes me really nervous about the economy, esp. since my own company is struggling at this point.