Wednesday, August 05, 2009

won't bore you with the details

work has been crazy busy. we're getting ready for several events within a two week time period (some are overlapping).

one of those events is a sale at the kids store. i offered to make fabric banners for it, so that we have reusable ones for years to come. i am in the home stretch, and the good thing is they aren't needed for another week. yeah! being ready in advance! go me!

the thing is, sewing on those banners has made me itch to make something. perhaps a pillow. i've always adored making them and our house could use a little updating. also, was thinking i have some friends i've never made one for that should receive one.

i think i am going to have my friend, who is coming over shortly, look at my fabric stash. it's the stash that has gotten out of control before, but has since been reined in...and it's why my yarn stash stays small (i learned). perhaps i will do a little embroidery too? i just don't know. all i do know is that knitting makes me warm and i am itching to do something a little different (although i can now honestly see a cream colored stockinette stitch pillow with big wooden buttons...kill me).

so yeah, i think i'm going to pull out the fabric stash and dream.


Jack K. said...

Wonderful things do come from dreams.

Love ya,


The Real Mother Hen said...

Yeah, make a pillow, or a tote bag? :)
How's the weather in Pac NW now?

k said...

I LOVE your pillows--I was just telling a fellow hiker/camper chick (yeah, I said chick!) about them a few weeks ago, in fact. Please make some and post many photos. And then put them on Esty and make your fortune! :D

Vicki's Bit-o-earth said...

Hi Shannon,
Thanks for stopping by my blog. My son says it was blistering temps up there in PDX for awhile, but now its cooled back down. Who would ever have thought that Portland would be 106!?

I wish I had learned long ago about stacks of fabric. LOL! I have a rather large pile that I've been whittling away at.

Also, I wish I knew how to knit. My grandmother taught my sister and I years ago... it stuck with her, but being the tomboy that I am... I forgot it. Now I see it differently. Oh well, I guess its never too late to learn. (:
x Vicki