Monday, June 01, 2009

they're starting to bloom!

this is one of my favorite flowering shrubs on our property. when all of them bloom it's wild. no worries, though, i will share when they do!

it was a lovely day today. work was productive and went by quickly. i got to meet up with a friend i've not seen in probably over a year and a half. otherwise known as TOO LONG!! amanda, it was great to see you again and we'll do it again real soon!

tomorrow jill is coming over to help paint the upstairs bathroom. tonight i was supposed to start taping off parts, but honestly, i lost steam. instead i sat downstairs for a while watching dvr'd what not to wear while knitting. i've started cleaning up the kitchen, but again...the steam is not there.

i'm happy to say i have the next two days off. i do have to do a little bit of work tomorrow (just fielding a call from an employee who was sick today, has called off for tomorrow, and possibly will be calling off for wednesday as well) but it won't take long.


Becky said...

If I had those in my backyard, I'd be a much happier person :) Flowers just make me smile.

Monika said...

Gorgeous blooms! Lovely color and they look so interesting! Lucky you! :o)

Jack K. said...

Gorgeous photo of gorgeous flowers. What an inspiration. I look forward to the next photo when they are all in bloom.

Rest up. Jill will get on your case for slacking off. lol

Love ya,