Saturday, May 30, 2009

have we talked about the potatoes?

we decided to try our hands at growing potatoes, too. i figured that the odds were in my favor because my late grandfather was a potato farmer in pennsylvania.

mom thought the potato we had looked a little sad and it might be too late to plant. well, our potato had other ideas. we planted four chunks, all which had really strong eyes. three have shot forth and become these beautiful plants. one is slower, but it's there.

each time i see the growth, i cover i am supposed to. and each day i go out to visit my plants, i am amazed by how much this little guy is poking out. so i cover him up again. i need to drag the bag of really amazing dirt out of the potting shed to have on had 24/7 by this guy. the mounds will have to be quite big soon.

i can hardly wait!!


Jack K. said...

In response to your lead in question, not lately.

They look great. I do believe Grandpa and Grandma are providing lots of support.

Let us know how they turn out.

Love ya,


Vicki said...

Shannon, I found you from Corey Amaro's blog. I think your potato farmer genes are very good, and strong! They look wonderful so far! My hubby and I just harvest 175 lbs of them. We live on the California coast, so we put them in early. Please show us what you find under the lovely pile of earth, k? (: Vicki