Tuesday, June 02, 2009

the woman i call friend

last week jill asked me when *we were going to paint our upstairs bathroom. she suggested we do it on a monday or tuesday soon, because currently she's only working wed-fri and isn't sure when that might change.

i told her we'd do it next week. today was the day. galveston gray from benjamin moore. we are in love with it! the cabinetry will be going white in the very near future, for which she has also offered her services.

jill is one of my closest friends. with each other we know that all we have to do is ask and we're there. for whatever project either of us have to do. even if that project is simply sitting on the back patio with a gin and tonic.

*we= the two of us, not me and kevin...who hasn't even seen it yet as i write this. i think the photo turned out pretty okay considering i took it with my phone!!


Jack K. said...

It looks mahvelous. simply mahvelous.

Good friends are to be treasured. I'm glad Jill is part of our family.

The color looks great. The white cabinets will make it even more spectacular.

Love ya,


Amanda said...

I love this, that easy shared work between friends. And I confess I kinda adore how glam she looks while doing it. :)

Julianne K. Gorman said...

It looks great, but it looks like she is headless...creepy!!!