Thursday, April 16, 2009

waiting for the fork

i am done. i am so done i don't even know where to start this post. perhaps i'll try the beginning.

i got up a little later than the norm and had a quiet morning in the house. kev was still snoozing. he arose an hour after me and when he was done with breakfast he joined me outside in the back yard. we'd gotten the labels off of the bottles from Seder dinner and i wanted to get a bigger chunk of the tomato and pepper bed's border underway. i decided to expand the bed a bit so i removed the four bottles jill and i'd already sunk. it was tough work, but once i got into a groove it went smoothly. i did have to watch the line of bottles to keep them from getting out of alignment, making my veggie bed a trapezoid instead of a rectangle.

kev worked on weeding and put up the rest of the grape arbor pipe while i played with bottles. then i removed a plant that we'd honestly hoped wouldn't make it through the snow. it did. we removed it anyway. it was a real estate hog. it was not really an attractive plant. the only thing it had going for it was the flowers it made, but we didn't love them enough to not dig it out.

while we were moving things around the back, we found a pile of small smooth rocks. we realized it would be nice to have the flower beds in the back a little more bordered off as well and figured the small rocks would work perfectly. so now, on top of collecting wine bottles we will also be collecting rocks (we may break down and buy some).

we took a break for lunch, a much appreciated and loved break. we wrote up a grocery list and kev and i made a deal, we go to the nursery, buy a bit of the ground cover (the kind you can walk on and which we are hoping will take over the mulched pathways in the back...there isn't much in the way of mulch left, really) as well as a couple of shrubs for the front. i would plant them and he would go to costco and the grocery store. i was done and cleaned up by the time he got home.

another deal was made. i would put away the food and he would go get propane. i really think i got the best of both deals, although my back may disagree later tonight or tomorrow. i ripped out a scraggly shrub in the front that was obviously a full sun shrub getting only partial sun/shade. the roots were thick and strong. thank goodness the shovel was strong, too!

we are going to grill burgers tonight. i am going to sit and knit on my dress. i might even drink a little wine (y'all know we are having to drink more now). i am not sure that the day could be made more perfect. i'm willing to see, though.


Jack K. said...

AAAh, the good life. It must feel quite good to exert the energy and then, sit back, relax and enjoy.

We can hardly wait to see the garden next month. We will have quite a few bottles to bring with us.

Tell me about label removal. lol. To get started, we had 18 to do at one time. Since then we have been removing the labels as we finish the bottles. I must admit, Columbia Crest bottle labels are the easiest to remove. And the wine isn't all that bad either.

Love ya,


mishiesmom said...

I'm still not grasping the bottle thing.
Sounds like you are working hard on your garden and it is coming along. Mine is still just dirt...waiting for it to be dry enough to be tilled.

Becky said...

After that kind of day, a grilled burger is definitely in order. Sounds like you guys have the teamwork down pat :)