Monday, April 13, 2009

i planted broccoli

on saturday i picked up my friend jill on the way home from work. she had a bottle to contribute to the 'cause' taking place in our backyard. of course, the rest of the bottles from dinner the night previous were still in the back of our car, with kevin at work. so...we 'planted' the four bottles we had on hand and determined it was going to look really cool when we had all of the beds done.

last night, we brought the bottles from the car inside. currently there are 12 soaking in my sink to loosen the labels. i'm going to leave them there all day in the hopes that the labels simply fall off when i get home tonight from work. if the sun continues as it is right now (shining brightly) i might even get to sink some more bottles. if the ground is too wet, though, i will wait and just get the bottles ready to be sunk.

on the way back to our house on saturday, jill and i stopped by the nearby nursery. we bought broccoli and planted it shortly after arriving home. six little broccoli plants all in a row. very perky now, which makes me smile. i am not sure what to expect with the broccoli. i need to do a little more research as to how many plants produce how large a yield. i'm hoping we'll be happy with six plants and not find we are wanting more. if we get too many, we have neighbors and friends who love broccoli and we have no reservations giving away veggies.

we also planted a few ferns that our neighbor ian, the landscaper, brought home from some job where he ripped them out. they are small, but i think will add some softness to the back fence, under some sad looking arborvitae.

and there was also secret gardening happening, but i can't disclose the details until after my parents are here in may! :) i think they will love the change! i know i do already!

happy monday kids!


Jack K. said...

Glad to know the gardening is going along so well.

Secret garden, huh?

I guess we'll have to wait. It is bound to be good.

Love ya,


btw, we will be bringing more bottles.

mishiesmom said...

Okay I give. What is up with the bottles?

StarSpry said...

Your garden looks great! Can't wait to hear about the "secret gardening" :)