Sunday, April 19, 2009

this day

i am excited for what this very day holds for me. in a name, henry. he and his parents are coming over tonight for dinner. i couldn't be more excited.

his mom sent me an email earlier this week, to talk specifics, and told me she'd made the mistake of telling him that they were going to visit us on sunday. that was wednesday. she asked him later on that day what he wanted to do. his response, "go to Aunt Shanny's and see Simon and Josie and that Chloe cat that runs away."

i've been telling chloe her hide and seek friend is coming over today. she just chirped at me.

i'm very happy that they are helping josie become more comfortable around kids, too. henry is the best kid around her. he is respectful of her space, if she walks away and we tell him she needs her space, he gives it to her. josie is slowly warming up to him. although i do remember when she first met him as a baby, she wiggled soooo much. stuck out just the tip of her tongue and gave him a little kiss on his arm. when he was able to move around on his own and it became overwhelming for her.

so, we'll see what this glorious day holds for us all. it is a beautifully sunny day here in portland. i am going to clean the hell out of the house this morning and then bake some lemon cheesecake bars, do some weeding in the yard and garden, and hopefully get a little time in there to work on the dress. the back is almost all done (splitting for the shoulders/neck, knitting up the last two rows. i've started on the front left already, because i am running out of needles to hold stitches. i know i could use yarn, but the needles are so much easier to trnansfer off of.

okay, not going to start rambling about that now. for now, i must go dust!!

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