Saturday, April 04, 2009

my friend ms. crenshaw

years ago, while i was still working on the sales floor full time, i met a woman named ms. crenshaw. she'd come in several days during the month and we'd hit it off really well. finally she asked me, "how can i ask you to go out for a drink, without making you think i'm a lesbian?" i replied, "like that."

shortly after she moved away for grad school. we attempted to be pen pals. with each letter, i felt like a true friendship was being nurtured.

i was right.

she's now back in portland. i couldn't be happier! she is funny and amazing and beautiful. her almost husband is, too! i'm so thrilled to have my ms. crenshaw back in town. i'm also glad that the four of us can go out, have a couple of laughs (and drinks) and get along so well.

ms. crenshaw, your almost husband couldn't be more perfect for you (and vice versa). i'm honored to be invited to your very intimate wedding.



Jack K. said...

You sure know how to cultivate friendships. I admire that in you.



mishiesmom said...

I'm glad that all four of you hit it off. Sometimes that is hard to do.

Becky said...

I had to laugh at the "how can I ask you for a drink without you thinking I"m a lesbian?" because it's so true! Women rarely just ask out other women in a platonic way. That's great that she moved back into town, as I don't know about you, but it's rare for Ted and I to have couples that we like to hang out with (as in liking both of them equally instead of liking one and tolerating one).