Monday, April 06, 2009


i am very aware that i have hamstrings today. you see, yesterday i decided i would tackle the entire yard and rid it of each and every weed. i had lofty aspirations, needless to say i got a lot done, but only lasted for about six hours before my body said it had had enough. i did stretch and take breaks the entire time (and i did stop for lunch) so i'm sure my hammies are not near as sore as they could be, but man i am fully in the know that they exist.

so why, i ask myself, did i decide to put in another hour tonight?

because i wanted to stake around our garden beds so we can lay reclaimed bricks (well, that's the plan) and make them slightly raised beds. we will probably only build them two bricks high, just enough to give a delineation between bed and pathway. the paths we are thinking of planting ground cover that will withstand being walked on by humans and animals. any ideas of full sun loving ground cover?

i can hardly wait to be able to walk outside barefoot to pick something from my veggie hammies will surely be talking to me again by then, right?

and the weeding, it just sucked me right into it's evil web of "just one more" any and all gardners know.

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Jack K. said...

You are your mother's daughter.

I know you will recuperate quickly. There is something about the call of the garden that is irresistible. Have fun. But do take time to rest the hammies. lol

Love ya,