Friday, April 10, 2009

how does our garden grow?

well, slowly. but that's okay. the beds are not all planted yet. but we do have garlic sprouting in the large bed on the right and we have planted onions behind the three rows of garlic. red onions and white bunching onions. in that bed we will also plant broccoli and potatoes.

the bed in the back, with the poles, will have green beans again. although this time the entire thing will be used.

between that bed and the long one in front (with the green growth) is a small round bed that you can't really see. it's close to the fence. that will be the zucchini spot. the bed with the growth is going to be corn. the green that is there is still the crimson clover. we will till that under shortly to add nitrates to the soil.

the bed closest to the fence, running perpendicular to the corn, will have asparagus (please oh please oh please grow) as well as spinach, romaine lettuce, and butterhead lettuce. the lettuces and spinach are already planted. no sprouts yet, but we only re-planted a few days ago.

finally, the bed to the right of that will have tomatoes and peppers. i am not sure what kinds we will plant, other than for sure some oregon spring tomatoes! they were so sweet and lovely. AND, as you would guess from the name, they produce early.

so there you have it, our garden. i hope to have more photos throughout the growing season to share our bounty. then again, i'm hoping for a bounty...we'll see what happens.

i love it, gardening by the seats of our pants! :)


Becky said...

May I just say how envious I am of your backyard?

Jack K. said...

How sweet it is. Your mother and I are quite impressed with your progress. We can hardly wait to see it next month.

Love ya,


Monika said...

Your garden is looking really good! I like your enthusiasm for it. You and my dad would have lots to talk about. He's a gardening nut too. :o) (in the most charming way)

bronxbt said...

holy hell your garden kicks my garden right smack in the tomatoes....


i'll post pics soon, but wow