Sunday, September 28, 2008


I went to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest (OFFF) yesterday with three fabulous women. We got up early and headed to the Canby fairgrounds. Much lovely yarn was purchased (I'd been on a yarn diet, saving for OFFF). I got yarn for Chaz's wedding cardigan (not at OFFF, but from one of my amazing friends who dyes yarn...and she had much undyed yarn that she offered up). I found the perfect yarn for Jill's shrug for Chaz's wedding. I also found some yarn for a Christmas present for my sister. And then some lovley yarn for a lace shawl for myself (?) or for whomever it tells me it needs to go to once it's done. I also picked up some skeins of alpaca for the "left over" blanket. I needed cream and I didn't have any cream in the stash...what?!?! :)

I will post what I got over at Ravelry once I have photos taken (sadly I can't do that today since I am working today).

However, I did make friends with a special someone in one of the flocks...

Meet my new friend, Brian. As soon as I pet him, his tail started WAGGING!!! With much enthusiasm. It was really quite sweet.

Okay, must gather my things to go to work downtown. At least I get to work at my store. Of course I am taking the lace shawl to start playing with...what?!? It is Sunday, most likely it will be slow (at least I'm kind of hoping it will be so I can play, although if it is busy time will pass faster...oh the catch 22).


StarSpry said...

Brian is adorable :D Sounds like you found some great yarn at OFFF!

bronxbt said...

considering i'm a brian too... for the record, my tail wags when i'm pet as well.

tho i have to admit, his eyes are prettier than mine.