Tuesday, September 30, 2008

and we have ice

So our friends Jenn and Dugan were over the other evening for dinner (it was after the marathon grape jelly making...after the Oregon Flock and Fiber Fest). Jenn and I had spoken about the possibility of Dugan hooking up our fridge's ice maker at one point. So that night, he took a look. We already had a valve tapping into one of the lines. We even had a hole that'd been plugged up by the previous owners of the house. All we really had to do (in theory) is by the tube and the fittings to hook it up.

This morning Dugan came over and he and Kevin got everything taken care of. We now have ice. Real, made in our house, ice. No more buying ice. Sigh...

It's funny how ten years ago, an ice maker would not have made me smile. Meh, it was just ice. We could buy ice. But now, now it's a beautiful thing. Of course it's ready right in time for the fall like weather we've been getting (although yesterday and today have been gorgeous).

Huh, ice.

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Jack K. said...

Good show.

Look forward to using it in November.

Love ya,