Friday, August 29, 2008

the nerd herd

Okay so this weekend up in Seattle the Penny Arcade Expo is going on...aka PAX. Kev and a couple of friends left this morning (two went up yesterday). They're going to have a rip roaring time being their gamer selves.

We (myself and the other wives) are looking forward to a full weekend of quiet. Not that the guys are loud and raucous when home, but a house to myself sounds lovely. Tonight I don't have any major plans, other than doing a bit of picking up. Tomorrow the other ladies will be coming over for dinner and drinking and the option of staying over has been put out there (there will be no ladies driving home drunk on MY watch!). We did have one friend offer to come and video tape the pillow fights we are sure to have while wearing our...yeah, right.

Sunday I have a work BBQ to attend and then they are back that evening. I am sure the weekend will fly right by and before I know it the nerd herd will be back in town. And when that happens, I am sure I will realize how much I missed my nerd.


Jack K. said...

Time with friends is precious.


My best to you and the ladies.

I'm not sure I would want to see any videos. snerx.

Love ya,


k said...

hehe, I actually bumped into Kevin and Eric at the Saturday night concerts! It was so funny to look up between sets and see him standing there.

Funny and wonderful :) I hope he gave you my hugs and love!