Thursday, August 28, 2008

the green bean debacle

I currently have sitting in front of me a container of green beans. They were picked yesterday and steamed to perfection last night. Today, cold and pre-salted, they are tasty and crunchy and perfect. What is the problem, you ask?

I am supposed to be saving some for Thanksgiving with my family. Now, I know that the season has just begun for beans and my plants will be producing more, BUT I am feeling like I need to go ahead and save some (blanching and freezing) but am having a hard time doing so. They come off the plant and my belly hears them singing their siren song.

I will be saving some because they are just! that! good! and I want to share with my family the deliciousnesses of our bounty.

Perhaps instead of calling it a debacle, I should have called it a conundrum?

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