Thursday, August 28, 2008

the duty of a jury

Well, I was at jury duty the first three days of this week. The trial is now over, we reached our decision (not unanimous), and I can now resume my week accordingly. Today I am biking into the office and playing the game of catch up before going to The Bhaktishop for yoga this evening. I'm hoping that going to yoga will help me feel that sense of normal again.

I am pretty proud that I was not one of the potential jurors who raised their hand to the question, "who would rather be having a root canal right now instead of being here?" Honestly? I mean, sure schedules get a bit goofy, but it is our civic duty. I wasn't the only juror who felt excited to be part of the process, but sometimes it felt like it.

It was actually a very fun and funny group. I'm not sure what the defendant thought, hearing us laughing behind the closed doors of the deliberation room.

This trial should not have lasted three days, however. Monday we had delivered our verdict and were all ready to be released from our duty. Then the judge told us she needed us back for sentence enhancement. So we all trouped back on Tuesday only to find that the dude had some kind of panic attack that they feared was a heart attack so they let us go after we had been there for a couple of hours. I went over to The Bhaktishop to do some data entry for them.

The coolest part of that was on my walk home, my neighbor Bret drove by and picked me up. It would have been a long walk and I was only 8 blocks into it.

Yesterday morning we got to be to court at 10:00 (Mon- 8:00, Tuesda0 9:00) and only had to wait about half an hour before going in to hear more testimonies from another victim and police officer. We were out close to 4:00.

So finally, on Thursday, my work week begins.

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