Friday, July 25, 2008

the zucchinis begin

This is our first zucchini of the season. It was perfect. The right size, the right texture, the right amount of firmness to the meat. We paired it with some fresh garlic (also from the garden), some onion, and pasta. It's a recipe our friend told us, as it's a staple in their half Italian house. Her husband is Italian. So you saute' the veggies (I started with the onions, added the garlic, then added the zucchini, allowing each to have some time to cook before the next was added, sprinkle with salt and some white pepper). While that was happening Kev was grilling some chicken tenders to the perfect moistness and the pasta was on the stove boiling.

When pasta is done, drain. Add veggies to pasta pan, two eggs, a good sized handful of Parmesan cheese, return the pasta and stir like crazy (essentially cooking the eggs). We added the chicken to the top of our bowls of pasta.

After yoga Kev rode his bike down to the store and got a small baguette to share. It was an amazing dinner. It's pretty basic, but downright filling.


Terrie D. (StarSpry) said...

Sounds delicious!

bronxbt said...

my gawd that sounds amazing.
i must try sometime...

thankees & hugs


Jack K. said...

That dish looks/sounds delicious.

I know what might be on the menu during our Thanksgiving visit.

Oops, there are only so many meals that can be served during the week. There probably won't be any zukes on the vine by then.

Love ya,