Thursday, July 24, 2008

my boss's wife

I got an email this morning from Wendy (Ahmed's wife) asking about a work picnic/send off for their daughters (they now have two in college...damn, I feel old when I think about how old they were when I met them). The date was going to be while we were in Arkansas visiting Mamasita and Daddy Walter.

So, what does Wendy do? Figure out a date when I can be there. I adore her...

Vegas this weekend, so I may be out of the blogging loop for a little while (like I've not already been recently). Perhaps upon my arrival home fun things will have happened and I will feel like blogging about said fun things. Things right now, a bit boring (well, except that my dear friend is moving home this weekend and I'm extremely excited about her arrival home!!)

Now, must get myself dressed and ready for going downtown to pick up the permit for that friend so she can block off a parking spot for unloading her truck on Sunday (rats, I'll be in Vegas and unable to help with the unloading...but my representative [aka Kev] will be here).


StarSpry said...

How great that Wendy changed the date so you guys can go to the picnic :)

Have a great time in Vegas this weekend!

bronxbt said...

safe travels, have fun.

pix expected or we will likely riot.



Monika said...

She needs a permit to park a moving truck? What has the world come to!
So Vegas is work related? Have fun anyway! :o)

Jack K. said...

Have a great time in Vegas. Wish we were there too.

You do have a wonderful boss and his family.

Kev will be a suitable stand-in. Was that good planning, or what? tee hee

In case of rioters remember the tear gas. giggle