Saturday, July 12, 2008

so warm, but must blog

It's 90 F outside right now. For here, that's warm. In fact, that's downright hot. There is a breeze so I suppose that I shouldn't complain. However, our house isn't arranged so we can get a lovely cross breeze across the house. No two rooms have doors adjacent to one another except our room and the guest Chloe's room. And the front three windows in our bedroom do not open. Those are the windows that face the door, and consequently the other room.

We're thinking that next summer may just have to be the summer of window replacement. I love the architecture of the windows. So I will keep them and perhaps do something amazing in our backyard with them...oh the ideas that swirl in my head.

With that being said, I must adjourn to the basement now. It's lovely down there (as long as Kev isn't playing drums).

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StarSpry said...

It's in the 90's here (in Colorado), too! I'd rather not have it quite this hot :)