Wednesday, July 09, 2008

houston, we have carrots

I know I've used the Houston, we have... title before, but for the carrots, it just felt right.

I'm pretty jazzed that I had three carrots ready to harvest. They are baby carrots, so smaller than what you might expect to see, but I am anticipating their sweetness. I will wash them up (per Ian's instructions as I held them up to show him from across the yard) and eat them for lunch. We may not have a ton out there, but lucky for me it's enough for this girl. Kev doesn't like carrots so I won't even force them on him (plus I think they are going to be so damn good and he really would like them and that would mean less for me). Actually I don't know if he really would like them. I think he'd say they were better than store bought baby carrots (which are really just large carrots that have been cored) but I still think he wouldn't be into them.

So, here you have first carrots.


Jack K. said...

They do look scrumptious.

Good going, farmer girl.

tee hee

Love ya,


StarSpry said...

Yay! I love carrots right from the garden :)

Monika said...

Your kitchen looks super inviting! I like carrots only row and fresh, even fresh juice from it. I don't like them cooked. Fresh from the garden, they are the best! Enjoy!

PlazaJen said...

We've grown the short stubby ones, too - they're all so darn pretty right out of the garden! Everything's way behind here - the wet cool spring put us back a few weeks. But soon! 'Maters everywhere, I hope!