Tuesday, June 24, 2008

you may well know

I am a knitter. I am not quiet about it, nor am I loud about it. I just am.

I have three major projects lined up for myself this year within the knitted world. My dear friend is getting married in June of 2009. She caught sight of my sweater and gushed, asking if she paid me, would I make her one. It was later in the evening that we realized she was wearing a rock on her left hand. It was seconds after that I knew what I would be doing for her wedding gift (he'll get the gift of watching her enjoy it).

Now I've got the wild hair to make my other friend (the other brides-matron) a shrug. She found one in a style she likes and I am thinking about trying to figure it out, or finding something that is similar. It, too, will be made in time for the wedding. I feel safe at the idea of making those two garments for those two amazing and beautiful women.

However, just a minute ago as I was surfing through that site some knitters still don't know about (mind boggling) called Ravelry and found a really sweet top that I am trying to decide if I can somehow convert it into a dress. You know, for the wedding...

Any of you knitters think this is a sane idea? :) The shell is knit bottom up, but I'm thinking of figuring out the length I want and the circumference for the bottom of the skirt and going for it. Of course, I do have to find all the yarn for these projects (well, two since I've already gotten the bride's on order).


Adrianne said...

Just don't forget about the decreases as you get to the waist. I think it sounds like a good idea. I'm on Ravelry as well. I look for you there.

PlazaJen said...

You could do a provisional cast-on for the bottom, and then you can decide later - just go back & zip, zip, pick up all the stitches & knit down from the waist. Two good reasons to do it this way: you can then try it on as you go, and if you run out of time, you will still have it as a top to wear and you can knit a matching skirt later! :) Oh, and that reminds me, as a dress - remember to take the entire weight of the garment into account - depending on the fiber you use, it can grow, and you don't want to find yourself with an unintentionally plunging neckline! :)