Monday, June 23, 2008

the plot thickens

Well, this morning I went out and watered our garden. Things are growing nicely, especially the weeds (which I will go out in a while and pluck from the ground in areas nearest the garden plots). After talking with a few friends, the decision to plant asparagus next year was made.

So a bit ago I sat down in the kitchen and looked out the window, imagining. I planned next years garden. This year was our first year of actually planting a garden and we really just kind of plopped things into the ground as we thought would be good. So far it's fine, but it's a bit sparse. Next year we will have 6-8 tomato plants, two types of lettuce, spinach, asparagus (which won't be ready until the following summer), broccoli, onions, garlic, potatoes, green beans, edamame, and zucchini. I've plotted out the placement, according to sun requirements among other things.

Kev took a look at the sketch this morning and agreed it looked like a good plan. I'm sure there are other veggies we will realize we want to plant and we have a little bit of room left we've not already planned. But right now, nothing is coming to mind as being left off the list. Peas, left off intentionally. Even though I think they are better than I remember, they still are not my favorite. And why give over garden space to things you don't love and adore?

Now to chart out planting times...


Gail said...

I'm sure Grandma and my mom are smiling as they watch the gardening you do. Gary and you have a lot in common with your green thumbs. I try, but I don't like to be tied I have lettuce, three tomato plants, two cucumber plants and two zuchinni plants in my garden plot(s). Happy weeding!!!

k said...

6-8 tomato plants? That's kind of insane, unless you have *lots* of friends an neighbours who will share. I can't speak to the other plants, as I've never grown them, but I grew 3 tomato plants one year and was UP TO MY EYEBALLS in 'maters.

This year I have one tomato plant and one basil plant in my pseudo earthbox. They were doing splendidly, but the tomato plant is started to look a little sketchy. I think the Arizona heat and sun is just too too much. I

I envy you your fantastic garden--you should take more pictures of it so we can live vicariously in the green! :)