Thursday, June 26, 2008

chicken and dumplings

About a week or so ago we had our neighbor and his brother rip out three shrubs so we can plant healthy foliage we prefer. This is the second meal I have made Ian (first for Seth) for doing stuff for us.

I think they think they're getting the better deal. But I know I really am. I mean think about it. I am getting work done to the yard. Some of it hard (which I know since I ripped out the butterfly bushes, which they hauled away for us). Some of it easy...aka fun (pulling out a bush with your truck). But it's the chores you don't want to do yourself because on the DIY scale of easy to hard it's about an annoying. And on top of all that? I get to cook. Cook meals from scratch for two men who have worked hard all day. *And they appreciate it.

I just hope the dumplings weren't little lumps of nasty. I've never cooked this recipe before today. I told them if it sucks, I owe them another.

*This is not to say that Kevin doesn't appreciate it, because he does and he always raves about meals I cook. But there is some other kind of satisfaction I get by cooking for bachelors. They have a different kind of appreciation.


Monika said...

It's always nice to get praise for one's cooking. It makes it worth it. I hate it when people gobble down their food, and leave the table without saying thanks, of that they had liked it.

Jack K. said...

Glad to know your cooking is going as well as your garden.

I won,t check in too often. You may have an idea what non-stop travel is like.

More than 1000 photos so far.
More later.

Love ya,