Tuesday, June 17, 2008

mmm, what's that intoxicating scent?

The Dracunculus vulgaris aka the Dragon Arum is an interesting flower indeed. The deep purple leaf like structure is quite a unique bloom. It draws you in, making you want to take a closer look.


And with the breeze flowing so wonderfully today...don't stand down wind! I kid you not.

Bret (the neighbor) told me that was what it was, before the flower even bloomed. I text messaged him as soon as I figured out it was not a dead creature in my flower bed that had Josie all kinds of worked up, rather it was a flower. MMMM, rotting flesh. Blech!

Not planted all that far from the Dragon flower are the plants our dinner came from, and two of it's flowers are waiting on our counter. Perhaps not 100% dinner, but part of our meal this evening. I should probably harvest some romaine as well, since there is much that is ready.

I also got four volunteer tomato plants from my friend, Jenn. We'll see how they grow for me. The four starts she'd given me didn't do very well. Three are goners for sure, one (which Kev calls Wimpy) is still kind of hanging on. It will be fun to see what kinds of tomatoes we get from them. I'll be sure to post photos as they produce fruit.

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bronxbt said...

dinner looks grand...
our weather has killed my tomatoe plants... i'm bummed.

we'll see if any sun remaining will save them.