Thursday, June 19, 2008


Well, Tuesday night was not quite the night for us to eat the artichokes. Kev wasn't feeling well and just wanted something simple so we fended for ourselves. That meant only one thing...

Knit night!

The six of us ate those two in about two minutes flat. :) They were fantastic!!! It amazes me that those are growing in our backyard. I will be watching the rest on the plant and picking them as they are ready, nothing will go to waste on my watch. I have to read up on them because from what I've already read I learned that they only produce for about 3-4 seasons. So, I am not sure what season we are on with these, but the books tell me to harvest the best ones to keep as...crap, the words have escaped me.

Ah well, just know that artichokes are GOO-OOD!

Thanks for a fun night ladies! Already looking forward to next time. :)

Because next time I might actually get more than six rows down on my lap blanket.

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