Tuesday, June 10, 2008

mii? not so fit...

So last night I was going to go to Mahjong. It was in my plans. I was going to go. Then, I got done with work crazy early and the host of Mahjong Monday (Dugan) was not home. So he and I chatted and I told him I was starting to become on the fence about coming, but I'd let him know. I used dumb excuses as to why I was on the fence and then I drove to North Portland (MM is in NE, which is a bit closer to home).

I got tempted, you see. And that carrot dangling in front of me? Wii Fit. Jessica and I were both planning on just hanging out for a bit and then going to MM, but then we ended up just bbq'ing some chicken and eating dinner at her house because we were too lame and lazy to go to MM.

However, I decided last night, Wii are getting Wii Fit. I woke up this morning with calf muscles and shoulders that are a bit tender. I loved it!!! It is really quite amazing. It tracks your progress of weight loss, BMI (still not sure how it figures that number out), length of time you "play"...everything. I'm thinking it would be the perfect routine to do in the winter especially. There is yoga, which it doesn't have you do sequences, but it does have you hold poses for quite a while. There is a balance section, a strength section, aerobic section, and yoga. I did pretty good running for two minutes (in place, of course). And I was great at the yoga poses, keeping my balance. However, trying to hit soccer balls with my head...not so much. Step aerobics also gave me some problems (my timing was a smidge off).

Anyway, Wii are going to get Fit...are you?


Jack K. said...

Glad you had a good evening.

I know next to nothing about the Wii fit system. I suppose we will learn all about it in November.

Make it a great day.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

interesting that you like the Wii... i've heard so many mixed reviews, then to top it all off, 2 sites that i cherish for gadget info and technology; their staff writers have been using and documenting the Wii for 3+ weeks now and kinda slamming it for it's own issues and ineffectiveness...

now, obviously each person is different, but i was 'suaded by the articles to NOT buy the Wii.

please keep me and all us in bloggerland as to your status. pics, opinions and your progress would be invaluable to folks like us who may still consider it.. but right now... Wii decided against it.

be interested to hear more.

new post on my site too with some pics and funnies if you'd like!

hope you and the fam are well...
kitchen doing okay??

shannon said...

so bronxbt, you opted not to buy the wii fit? cuz you just said you lurved your wii in our chat...

i was a bit confused. :)

k said...

I got one the day they came out (Happy Belated Birthday to Me, Thanks Mom!), and have loved it ever since.

I love that it charts my progess, thusly keeping me motivated. I can *see* results!

I love that the balance games are fun and challenging and a bit of a workout. Don't be fooled; your abs are working. No, it's not a set of 100 crunches, but I'm a damn sight more likely to play ski slalom on a regular basis.

I love the Wii Balance Board's voice. She's adorable--except when you step on and get the worried "Oh!". You just *KNOW* she's feelin' the extra helping of pasta you had last night....

I've lost a couple pounds (and inches) in the last couple weeks, and R has lost about 10 lbs. He's a Hula Hoop Champ!

Bronx, if someone you know has one, I'd suggest you check it out and make your own conclusions. No, it's not state of the art fitness equipment, but it's a helluva lot of fun, and more apt to get and keep people exercising than any other program I can think of. :)

GoGo Shanny!

Chris Baker said...

I ahve been using my Wii Fit almost daily since I picked it up 3 weeks ago. It is great! I am losing weight, and have definitely noticed an increase in strength. I am also now being more mindful of what I eat.

I think the best thing is that the measuring of center of balance helps you to do the exercises right, which otherwise woudl require a trainer. A newcomer to Yoga could not do the poses right on day one with just a DVD. From that perspective this game is not only getting me in shape, but saving me money too!

Monika said...

I've read about this Wii Fit on other blogs. It seems to be really good. I'd like to know how long one stays interested in it.

bronxbt said...

hey all, and of course, dearest shannykins...

to clarify:

i do own a Wii, and lurve it to death. nothing quite as satisfying as bowling, darts, pool and more outta one device! of course, don't even get me started on the joys of "monkey ball"

i do not own a WiiFit. 'cuz well, i have read over a dozen articles highlighting journalists who have been using it since it's release, and overall.. the cons seem to overwhelm the pros.

so, while this all may be up for opinion and conjecture, i can only go off what "these people" say:

1) annoying as hell music. some of which is required to do the activities. some of it being compared to as "from the mouth of satan..." (shudder)

2) can't "start" at any level other than the beginning. while this makes sense when starting after initially unwrapping the goods... is it the same again and again? i dunno. can you go back to it after 3 weeks and start where you left off? or back at ground zero...? hmmmm. anyone?

3) overall, reviews i read said the excercises where easy, insulting and/or not challenging. while i don't believe this completely, i'd be interested in hearing more eventually from everyone/anyone!

*thanks for the chance to 'splain myself!


ps. funneh' that my word verification was "iiryfqn" (as in Wii)

k said...

hm...I don't find the music annoying...yet. I can see where it might drive some folks nuts. It's a bit happy-crappy.

I've been playing it nearly every day for almost a month now. Even though I was on it for 30 minutes this morning, I am, at this very second, thinking about my next attempt at the ski slalom and the those diabolical soccer balls.

The exercises seem easy enough, but I'm glad it starts you out on slow/easy mode. Most of the exercises have a level of precision required that can be quite maddening. For me personally, it would have been too easy to get frustrated and quit when I wasn't good at it right off the bat--better to start slow and ease into things.

And yes, if you quit for a few weeks, your accomplishments are saved; you don't have to go back to newbie mode.

And again, the exercises *do* seem easy or unchallenging at first glance. But when you attempt to do them with any aplomb, it becomes obvious how deceptive this perception is. Unless the reviewers on your gadget sites are in *AMAZING* shape, they are lying about the exercises being easy.

Monkey Ball?? ACK! We have it on..some other consol...and just loathed it to death. :( I can see how the Wii might make it more entertaining.

Raving Rabbids, though? Yes!

shannon said...

I agree with K. Here it is two days later and I'm still a bit sore. :)

Becky said...

We are going to get one when they ship more over here.