Saturday, June 07, 2008

on a curch marquee

Driving home last night I saw a sign at a church that obviously stuck with me. Most of the time I don't pay attention to the messages on church marquees because they are all too preachy (IMO) and I don't go for that. However, it's message was simple:

"being kind is more important than being right"

Normally my brain is like a sieve. Thoughts, ideas, names, phrases, etc all drip out. Some are gone in an instant, others take a little longer to disappear. Thankfully, this one stuck with me until this morning at least so I could write it down and remember it.

Any favorite phrases you've seen driving by a church, or anywhere that has a marquee? Something that really speaks to you?


Jack K. said...

It's amazing where words of wisdom emanate.

When all else fails, ....

bronxbt said...

i saw a gravestone one time that only said

"look out behind you."

that kinda freaked me out.

Jessica said...

I recently got a fortune cookie fortune that said "The simplest answer is to act."

I suppose it's just a more thoughtful way of saying "Just do it." But, for some reason, it really spoke to me.