Thursday, April 17, 2008


It started with having to dig out the roots. Kevin is a maniac and did an amazing job. I have convinced our neighbor, Ian, to haul it all away for the small price of an oven *fried chicken dinner next week.

The roots you saw above, were where these four lovely trees now live. I clipped down the two overgrown butterfly bushes and when I went to purchase the trees, Kev dug the roots out. When I got home, the area was ready for planting.
Since we had one tree of the five I bought left over, we opted to plant him by the garage. It really has added something. And it's got a friend. A Hebe. I love Hebes! They are such pretty little plants and will flower.
I love Hebes so much I bought one to put in the pot that my parents sent us for our Anniversary that is coming up on May 6th. It's the pottery anniversary. I love that my parents do the traditional gifts. It is so much fun.

So yeah, that's what we've done with our 'bout you?

*Yeah, thanks Dad. :) I guess I just got so excited of our friend doing this for us that friend came out of my fingers instead of fried. :) Love you!!!


Jack K. said...

Great photos. Glad to know you still have the gardening knack.

I'm a bit confused about oven friend chicken. giggle, giggle, snerx.

The pot looks beautiful. I hadn't seen it yet. The photo at the web site where your mother ordered it was too small to get a good impression.

I was able to click on it from this site and it is fantastic.

I see that Josie was out supervising the work.

You both have done a fine job. I can hardly wait to see what the next project will bring forth.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

yer place looks absolutely faboo. can't wait to see how those plants all grow up! in my long-past lake stevens house, i took about 20 of those tall bushes and planted them the length of a fence i built. they grew up happeh', strong and vibrant! it was sooo cooh, and the creation of more privacy was well worth it.

remember to NOT trip the top of those guys until they reach overall the height you want. they can be "unforgiving" and if you trim the main trunk by mistake, it'll stop growing up and only continue to widen to it's maximum. (great if you like wide plants creating a solid wall feature...NOT if you want them to remain seperated!)



StarSpry said...

Your landscaping looks great!

Monika said...

Digging out roots is not an easy job! Your garden looks lovely already. Hmm, fried chicken. I'm hungry. I go, clean the kitchen now. BTW, I had a lot of spinning to do, today.

Becky said...

Wow,that's quite a root to pull out. I probably would've gotten frustrated and just started hacking away:) As always, your pictures of your yard look great!