Wednesday, April 23, 2008

orts here, get your orts here

I know that writing about a Pass over tradition within an ort post is possibly not the most appropriate...however, when one has a little time and so many things that have happened since the last post...orts it is.

  • Saturday I worked all day at the kids store. It was a fun day. We were busy and Amal was happy I was there (even though I don't know as much about kids shoes, she is an amazing teacher and would listen to me, allowing me to work with customers and helping when she would see me struggling). I had a great time! After I picked up Kev and we fed the crew we went do dinner before offering to come help with some prep for the dinner we were attending Sunday. Aaron told us, "STAY AS FAR AWAY FROM THIS PLACE AS YOU CAN TONIGHT, THERE'S LIKE 14 PEOPLE HERE...AND THEY'RE CRAZY!" Rachel said, "COME!!! THERE ARE PEOPLE HERE YOU WOULD LOVE!!!" We ended up not going because we were both extremely tired after a long day at work. They forgave us. :)
  • Sunday night we drove to our friends house for Sedar dinner. There were about 40 people under a beautifully decorated tent in their backyard. The heaters were pumping and the wine was flowing easily. What an amazing and warm group of people we got to share the evening with. I was especially in love with Grandma Joan. I walked by her and heard her say, "who was that stunning beauty?!" And yes, she WAS talking about me. She told me later that was what she said to her daughter as I passed by. It was a beautiful night spent with amazing friends and family.
  • Monday was nothing special, just tired from all the wine they MADE us drink the night before. Thankfully it was over many, many hours so I did not feel like something the cat dragged in. I was just exhausted from a dinner that lasted until 10:30 the previous night.
  • Tuesday I worked downtown with one of our newest employees. I got some great feedback about her. She's doing exactly what we'd hoped she would! Boosting the energy in that store and the sales. We all are really happy that Julia joined our family. :) At about 4:30 I met up with a girl I'd never met before in person, but we share a mutual friend. Myself and 4 other women decided to go listen to Stephanie Pearl-McPhee speak at the Forestry Center. She was funny and insightful and informational. We knitters, are smart people who are like monks! When she posts the photos from the talk, you might be able to see me and my friends. We got rock star seating. Two of us (myself and Kaarin) got front row, right in front of the podium. The other three were in the second row a few seats over from us. We had a blast. Three of us, Jenn, Heather and myself, went out for happy hour burgers on our way through town ($1.95...for a cheeseburger and fries! Hells yeah!). Allison stayed on the train and headed home. Kaarin had headed home from the event because she lives in the opposite direction we all were traveling.
So that is the past few days. Today is a day off! I am making the oven fried chicken (not to be confused with my oven friend chicken, Dad) for our neighbor, Ian. Kev agreed to hit the grocery store on his way home because I offered to clean the whole house in return. I love the working out of the chores. I dislike the grocery store...I didn't look forward to going at all. I love Kev. :)


StarSpry said...

Sounds like a fun week, so far! Glad you got to go see Stephanie Pearl-McPhee...she's hilarious :D

I don't like grocery shopping either. It's good you and Kevin can split things up :)

Jack K. said...

And what do you do in your off time? tee hee.

Glad to know you have such a great time, you Stunning Beauty, you.

Love ya,


bronxbt said...

sounds like you had a wondrous few days.

it's really cooh to hear you talk about an employee as someone who's joined "our family"

my company has had almost 2 years now of growing pains since the merger. there is little to no feeling of family and really very little comraderie. it's wonderful to hear that a store/company like yours has that mentality.

KEEP IT. it will carry you all through good times and bad.

regarding how busy you've been? wowsers. i'm jes' waiting for all the water left behind by the snow to soak into mother earth so i can finally mow my damned lawn.

hee heeee

*hugz to you and yours...*