Wednesday, April 16, 2008

the never ending story of weeds

So along with a backyard that is a garden comes fighting the weeds. I pulled two and a half five gallon buckets this evening alone. There are more out there taunting me. Josie was quite the helper, trying to lick my face, chasing invisible critters, pooping twice. It was lovely. I hooked up the ol' wireless speakers and cranked Arthur Dodge and the Horsefeathers and weeded like a maniac.

I enjoyed myself. I realized why my parents always worked out in the yard when I was growing up. It's lovely and relaxing and you get to see pretty instant results. The only downside is my back doesn't care for it. I try to go back and forth between forward bends and kneeling, but even with that my back feels a little knotted up after I've been out there for a little while.

I came home today to find a large box on my front porch. Above it, on the door was a note from FedEx stating they'd left a package, on the porch. Um, cuz I might miss the large box?

I'm hoping for a lovely day off tomorrow with Kevin. If it's nice out we'll do more weeding and hopefully get Josie out for a hike. It's been far too long.

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bronxbt said...


question for you.

how do you "hook-up 'wireless' speakers?"