Friday, April 25, 2008

they may be the end of me

Go now and find Flight of the Conchords! Trust me. You will check out their HBO show, laugh, and buy the cd. I swear, trust me.

Okay, I must focus. This is supposed to be a post about the bag I just finished knitting and have placed lovingly in the washing machine to felt the hell out of. (yeah, ending with a preposition)

It's going to be rad! I just know it. Of course the only thing I worry about is the handle opening being so damn small. (man, i failed to re-read the pattern right before casting off for it)

Check out the colors together. Pretty wonderful, if I do say so myself. I will post after felting photos at some point in the near future, when it's all said and done. Meanwhile, keep those fingers crossed that it shrinks considerably. I didn't take measurements, but it's probably about 20" in width and near 25" in length. The handle is pathetic. I may end up cutting it wider if it felts up nicely...


Gail said...

Matt loves Flight of the Conchords! He constantly plays "If You're Into It" when he is getting ready for school in the morning. Hmmmmmm???

k said...

Grats on discovering FoC. They are wonderful goodness. There are a ton videos on YouTube as well that you might check out. They're great live.


Can't wait to see how the bag turns out!

Jack K. said...

I just linked this posting to Angela Marie's site. Her latest posting is about knitting and has lots of photos of great yarn.

I thought you might enjoy seeing them. Besides, there might be a knit scarf at stake.

Jack K. said...

I just checked at Anna Marie's site, and apparently the comment didn't take. Sorry about that.

The yarn display is great. You'll love it.