Sunday, April 27, 2008

good thing i didn't unpack

Normally when I get home from work I unpack my bag of the things I won't need on my day off, if we were to go anywhere. This would include my apron (I wear an apron at work, which the other employees laugh at, so that everything I might need is within reach at all times- phone, business cards, pen, etc), my large jar I use for water, the little container of almonds, you get the picture.

Last night, I did not unpack. Instead I came right in and started getting things ready for grilling. We had our friend, Shannon, over for bratwurst and the works. So good!

On Friday I spoke with one of the employees and she was saying she was happy she had Saturday off because she was starting to not feel great. She stayed in bed all day yesterday, but wasn't convinced she'd be able to work this morning...if I could just go in and open she would try her best to come in and close. In my mind, I'm working 11-5 today. This allows me a different day off this week, but I'm not sure what day that can be.

The bummer is that I was going to go to see Henry today (and visit with other girls). Now I have to text message Jessica saying that I am not going to be able to make it since I have someone down for the count today at, love being a manager.

So, I've gotten out and pulled many weeds already, thinned the lettuce, dug out some stupid dandelions and am now drinking my coffee in anticipation of going in. Must add a few things to my bag (lunch, etc) and finish getting ready for my day.

keep fingers crossed that K-C comes in today around 1:00. :) I'm not holding my breath, though.

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Jack K. said...

We know now that she wasn't able to make in. You are a great manager, understanding the need to get healthy today so you can work harder tomorrow. It is act that helps build loyalty.