Monday, April 28, 2008

a rant

I have heard from friends that they like the direction my "voice" has gone when writing here. I used to be much more negative? Anyway, I'm going to revert for just a moment because if I don't get this out it will eat away at me and that's no good.

We at work are switching DSL providers. When the sales rep was here I was being booted off the wireless in the office. We had a lengthy conversation about it. It ended with her saying, "well, that won't be a problem when we make the switch."

Fast forward selector:

Today, the tech came out to do the switch. Well, it seems as though they do NOT have modems that are wireless, we have to provide our own wireless router. Now, I wish the rep would have TOLD me that I'd have to go out and buy one myself because you know what, I WOULD HAVE prior to today had I flipping known.

Instead, we have to go buy one, set up a new time for the tech to come back out and I refuse to make it at 8:00 AM again because you know when he showed? 8:30! That honestly is about half of my annoyance.

You see, the phone lines all converge into a building at the end of the block (the guy owns the whole block). So we have to be able to get into the toy store to access the phone lines to make the switch. The manager told me last week she'd be here at 8:00 today to let us in. Was she? NO. Not that it ended up mattering in the end. But still! What happened to doing the things you say you are going to do?!?!?

And now, I am going to drink my iced latte, listen to some soothing music and work on an ad that is due Friday.

Oh, and KC called this morning to ask if we could open the store as she had a rough night last night. Charles is my hero and said he'd take care of it. I should have bought him coffee this morning, but he said he was going to get his downtown (where we both agree, the coffee is better).

Yes, latte is calling.


Becky said...

I don't remember you being all that negative before, but maybe it's different since we've never met in-person? I need my blog to vent sometimes, just to keep myself sane for the people I see everyday (and so they don't always have to hear it). and yeah, I would've thought that the sales rep should have clarified the fact that you had to provide your own wireless modem.

StarSpry said...

That really sucks! Why can't the reps tell you everything you need to know?! I think they are so into the sale sometimes, that that must forget to give all the information.

I hope your rant and latte helped get this off your mind! Have a great rest of the day/evening :)

Jack K. said...

Give 'em Hell, Hon, they deserve it. Here is the best place to do it. You feel better already.

I agree with starspry, many reps are usually out for the sale. They haven't learned about serving with integrity.

I know your day turned out better. It had to because you are you, and that's the way you live.

Love you,