Sunday, March 23, 2008

whirlwind of orts

  • Working at the kids store yesterday was exhausting. Fun, but very tiring. The ladies I worked with are so amazing and fabulous. We had a great time and worked well together. I look forward to next Saturday (the final day of the big spring sale) although one of the ladies won't be there and instead the part timer will be. It will change the dynamic completely, but we'll make it through.

  • Okay, knitting question for all my knittahs! I'm getting ready to decrease for the arms on the back of this sweater. It tells me all decreases are done on the RS. Does this mean on the left arm hole I will have to cut the yarn? I am not able to visualize this and it's driving me crazy. Go look at the pattern and tell me what you think of the decrease directions (PlazaJen, I'm looking at you!). :)

  • I just got off the phone with my parents. My Grandma Sam has leukemia. She is not going to have treatment. This is her way of controlling the way she dies. I must say, I respect that because of who she was the entire time I was growing up. I love her dearly, but am always conscious of loving those around me and letting them know I do. Don't get me wrong, she has always told me she loves me, but...
  • We are having friends over to see the house. We've not seen them in a really long time. This means I have to clean the house. I mean, WE have to clean the house. I think I am going to start with the know, get it JUST right. So this means? I'm done here...

Hoppy Keister everybody!


Jenn G said...

Hi Shannon, it's Jenn here. I don't really know if this will work (haven't commented on your blog before, but ah the joys of Ravelry, it leads me here!):

For the sweater, I think that to do the cast-off stitches for the beginning of the armhole decreases, you could just do them at the beginning of the RS row and then at the beginning of the next WS row. It looked to me like the important part was to make the every-other-row decreases on the RS and inside the 3 edge stitches.

This pattern was not originally written in English, right? I think it assumes a general knowledge of decreases--like, it's leaving it up to you whether you do K2tog or SSK.

PlazaJen said...

Finally catching up... yeah, I don't think it's written clearly. It wouldn't make sense to decrease three stitches at the end of a row - then you'd have a wonky loop! I think it's like Jenn said, if you are just decreasing one stitch, you make them "point" the proper direction on each end. You can doooo eeeet! :)