Monday, March 24, 2008

the sound of one dog peeping

The time is 4:00 am, the Digs starts walking to the back door. I get up to let her out. She loves going out in the early morning (she does, me not so much) and sniffing around the backyard. She takes her own sweet time, making sure she finds THE place to go peep. She starts to wander towards the back left corner of our lot.

JOSIE! I say in a soft yet forceful voice.


*snap snap snap*

She perks her head and turns towards me before walking back up to her spot.

Finally I hear the sound that you can only really hear at that time of morning. Yep, she's going. Thank goodness the birds had yet to start chirping, otherwise I'd have to have gone on faith that when she came to the stairs she'd really done her business and not want to turn around and be let out again (hey, it's happened).

Man, today could potentially feel like many many days all strewn together to create one really long day.

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bronxbt said...

my maddie-kins has shown some recent and hellishly frustrating issues recently.... i put her on the "lawn-guard" type of pills to remove the acidity in her peep so i can NOT have a million yellow spots in my lawn. easy, right?

well, this time around they've irritated her innards, and 3 X now in the past week she's chosen to leave um... runneh' messes in the corner of my entertainment room/den! (at least it's near the flat screen TV, so she's got something to watch while she delivers the stink bomb)

oooh noh! she's marked this area now! i can't seem to rid her of the habit now! eeeeeep!